The Best Window Tint Marketing & Advertising Strategies

"Optimize your window tinting business with the ultimate guide to marketing and advertising strategies. Explore the best practices to enhance your visibility and attract customers to your window tint services. From targeted advertising to compelling marketing, this blog unveils the top strategies to position your window tint business for success in a competitive market."

Zues Ordaz

1/14/20243 min read

a garage filled with lots of different colored cars
a garage filled with lots of different colored cars

Almost all businesses experience seasonal fluctuations, and running a window tint sales and installation business presents unique challenges in different seasons. During the hot months, there's a surge of customers seeking immediate tinting for their vehicles, homes, or businesses due to heat, glare, and UV damage. However, when winter arrives, interest tends to wane.

At New Gen Marketing, we understand the importance of maintaining leads and sales even during the cooler months. To keep your window tint business thriving year-round, it's crucial to illuminate your marketing strategies. But how do you effectively market your window tint business?

Class Time: Marketing for Window Tinters 101

Start with online window tint marketing, a cost-effective approach that allows targeted efforts and easy scalability. Online marketing enables you to reach a wide audience with minimal expenditure and effort compared to traditional offline methods.

No worries if you're new to online marketing; there are free and user-friendly tools available. Take Google My Business, for instance – a powerful tool to enhance your online presence without breaking the bank.

Here are seven easy and cost-effective window tint marketing strategies for any stage of your business:

1. Claim your Google Business listing

2. Create a website optimized for lead conversion

3. Launch a Facebook page for your company

4. Collect and showcase online reviews

5. Generate or pay for informative window tint content

6. Utilize the Lead Capture feature of Tint Wiz on your site and social media

7. Leverage excellent customer service as part of your marketing plan

Understanding the Fundamentals of Window Tinting Marketing

While running a window tint business may not be synonymous with marketing expertise, you likely possess more marketing know-how than you realize. Naming your business, designing a logo, spreading the word to friends and family, and encouraging customer referrals are classic marketing practices.

To optimize these efforts, start by clearly defining your brand. Your brand represents the promise you make to customers, setting you apart from competitors and building trust.

Window Tint Marketing Strategies

Now, let's delve into online marketing strategies tailored for window tint businesses to attract more customers.

Whether someone just acquired a new vehicle or seeks relief from the sun at home or in the office, potential customers are on the lookout for a nearby window tint specialist with a reputable and efficient service. Online search rankings, positive reviews, and ease of contact play crucial roles in influencing customer decisions.

The two key steps to successfully market a window tint business online are making it easy to find and easy to contact.

1. Claim your Google Business listing

Google is the go-to platform for customers searching for a nearby window tint shop. Establishing a Google My Business listing is essential for visibility.

2. Build your window tint website

A professional and clean website enhances visibility, credibility, and customer conversion. Include essential elements such as a professional name, competitive edge, contact information, service locations, offered services, Lead Capture tool, awards, and customer testimonials.

3. Set up your window tint business’s Facebook page

A Facebook business page aids in customer communication, appears in Google search results, and attracts more jobs. Optimize the page for business goals to benefit from Facebook's wide reach and shareability.

4. Gather and manage online reviews

Positive online reviews instill confidence in potential customers and improve website rankings. Implement follow-up emails, automated review requests, and tools like Tint Wiz to streamline the process.

5. Create expert window tint content

Educate and inform customers about window tint benefits through content marketing. Share blogs, images, Instagram posts, or YouTube videos showcasing completed tint installation jobs in a customer-friendly manner.

6. Get more leads using Lead Capture

New Gen Marketing's Lead Form feature captures customer information seamlessly, allowing quick follow-ups and efficient communication. Automate follow-ups and proposals for enhanced workflow.

7. Excellent customer service as a marketing tool

Outstanding customer service is a cost-efficient and reliable long-term growth strategy. It fosters repeat business and encourages word-of-mouth referrals. Window tinting software like Tint Wiz ensures efficient customer support and business management.

Make Marketing Your Tint Company Part of Your Daily Routine

Consistent efforts, both online and offline, contribute to a significant boost in leads and revenues. Routine tasks, such as updating online platforms and engaging with customers, play a crucial role in maintaining an active online presence.

As you make window tint marketing a deliberate part of your daily activities, it becomes second nature, leading to sustained success in attracting customers and growing your business.

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